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Research & Visits

Amina Ann Qutub

Courses & Workshops

Byron Long 


Lab Orders/Delivery

General Inquires

Office Phone 

(210) 458-7092

Open Positions & Internships 

We are recruiting talented lab members, across fields (e.g., computer science, neuroscience, math, bioengineering) and career stages. 

Visit the Open Positions page for more details and to submit an application. 

Visiting the Lab

We are located on the first floor of the Applied Engineering & Technology Building, in the central area of UTSA's campus. Additional lab imaging systems are located on the first floor of the Tobin Laboratories, adjacent to the SRL Building. In 2020, we will be moving to the new Science & Engineering Building housing the Brain Health Initiative.


We welcome visits from collaborators, students & fellows, Quantu study volunteers and everyone interested in learning more about our projects.

Driving times (approx): 
UTHSCSA, 10-15 min
San Antonio Airport, 20 min

San Antonio Riverwalk, 25 min

Austin, 1 hr

Houston, 3-4 hrs (1 hr flight)

Flight times (approx):

San Francisco, 3-4 hrs

New York, 4 hrs

Seattle, 4-4.5 hrs
Stockholm, 13-16 hrs 

Shanghai, 18-21 hrs 


Qutub Lab

Bioengineering | Systems Biology | Brain Health 

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