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Amina Ann Qutub

Principal Investigator

Amina’s research focuses on the development of new computational methods and experimental analyses in order to uncover design principles of human cells during growth and regeneration. The Qutub Lab uses fundamental knowledge gained by understanding cellular communication to transform the treatment of hematological cancers and neurovascular diseases

Program Affiliations UTSA/UT-Health Sciences BME Program (Director), MATRIX AI Consortium (Research Thrust co-Lead), Brain Health, Regenerative Medicine

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Byron Long

Research Scientist & Instructor

Byron Long’s doctoral research was in logic for programs that use dynamic memory. Byron built on his training in logic to develop innovative state machine models of endothelial cells and a modeling framework for testing biological hypotheses. He combines these approaches with novel image-analysis programs to study how human cells form tissues, and predictive algorithms to interpret how molecular and cell-level changes influence daily behaviors at a systems level. 


PhD:  Computer Science, Indiana U.

Postdoc: Rice University

Projects: Quantu, cytoNet

Awards: Computational Cancer Biology Training Fellow 

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Jennifer Brethen

Quantu Project Manager

Jennifer (Jenny) Brethen is the Quantu Project manager and a post-bac fellow in UTSA's Department of Biomedical Engineering. 


BS:  University of Texas, San Antonio

Projects: The Quantu Project 

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Zacharie Maloney

Graduate Student

Zacharie Maloney is a PhD student in UTSA's Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Joint UTSA/UTHSC Graduate Group in Biomedical Engineering. Integrating new modeling and experimental methods, Zach's project focuses on characterizing cellular and proteomic processes underlying changes in  daily behaviors indicative of brain health. Joining the Qutub Lab in Fall 2019, Zach brings experience in biomedical engineering, systems biology, software engineering and financial modeling. 


BS:  Biomedical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

Projects: Neural network modeling & experiments, Quantu


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Erin Pollet

Graduate Student

Erin Pollet is a PhD student in UTSA's Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Joint UTSA/UTHSC Graduate Group in Biomedical Engineering. Her project focuses on uncovering neural and neurovascular mechanisms underlying changes in  sleep and other daily behaviors using integrated modeling and experimental approaches. Joining the Qutub Lab in Fall 2018, Erin brings 10 years of clinical sleep experience as a registered polysomnographic technologist to her research project.


BS:  Biomedical Engineering, UTSA

Projects: Quantu, Correlating Behavior to Cellular Changes in Alzheimer's

Awards: Brain Health Consortium Seed Grant 2018  

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Sean Tritley

Graduate/Undergraduate Researcher

Sean is a senior biomedical engineering undergraduate student and incoming graduate student developing innovative vascularized models of brain regions that regulate sleep, exercise response and circadian rhythm.  Sean's co-mentor is Dr. Eric Brey, vascular engineer and Chair of the UTSA Department of Biomedical and Chemical Engineering.


Projects: Vascularized brain-in-a-dish models & experiments, Quantu

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Tomisin Adebayo

Undergraduate Researcher

Tomisin is a biomedical engineering undergraduate student researching computational and experimental methods to uncover how neural networks form. 

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Aishwarya Sathish

Undergraduate Researcher

Ash is a biomedical engineering undergraduate student applying computational methods to interpret patterns in sensor-based fitness data and identify how changes in daily activity affect the brain. 

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Elif Ozdemir Kaynak

Visiting Graduate Student

Elif is a PhD candidate in bioengineering at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University. While visiting in the Qutub lab as part of her thesis work, she is developing a computational model of nanoparticle-encapsulated delivery of bioactive flavanoids (anthocyanins) through the blood-brain barrier and anthocyanin uptake as a potential novel treatment of brain cancer.


BS:  Bioengineering, Ege U.

Masters: Bioengineering, Ege U.

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Qutub Lab Graduate Profiles & Alumni List

Qutub Lab Alumni

Sean Tritley

Undergraduate Student, University of Texas at San Antonio

Keith Kern

Undergraduate Student, Trinity University

Kelsey Phelan, B.S.

Graduate Student, University of Texas at San Antonio

Arun Mahadevan, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania

Tien Tang, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Texas Children's Hospital

Sanket Mehta

Undergraduate Student, Rice University

Natalie Dickman

Undergraduate Student, Rice University

Andrew Ligeralde, B.S.

Graduate Student, University of California, Berkeley

Quentin (Hanyang) Li, B.S.

Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon

Chenyue Wendy Hu, PhD

Data Scientist, Uber

Founder, DiBS


Andre Schultz, PhD

Bioinformaticist, Stanford University, School of Medicine

Sanjana Ranganathan, M.B.E., B.S.

Clinical Consultant, GE Healthcare

Kylie Balotin, B.S.

Graduate Student, Vanderbilt University

Nicholas (Cole) E. Grandel, B.S.

Graduate Student, Rice University (SSPB)

Jennifer Dawkins, B.S.

Graduate Student, MIT & Harvard University (HST) 

David Noren, PhD

Scientist, Phillips Research

Amada Abrego, M.B.E.

Graduate Student, Rice University (ECE, Neuro)

Alex Bisberg, B.S.

Graduate Student, University of Utah

Founder, DiBS

Ka Wai Lin, PhD

Data Scientist, Allstate

Angela Liao, B.S.

Graduate Student, University of California, San Diego

Jiwon Jung, B.S.

Graduate Student, University of Texas, Austin

Nikhil Gupte

Medical Student, UT-Health San Antonio

David Gabriel Mora-Boellstorff

Graduate Student, UT-Health Sciences, Houston

David Ryan, M.B.E.

Product Development Engineer, EKOS Corporation

Becky Zaunbrecher, PhD

Allen Institute for Cell Science

Rahul Rekhi, M.S.

Financial and Healthcare Advisor, Lazard

Holley Love, PhD

Engineer, JBL Technologies

Instructional Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston

Taylor Birk, B.S.

Software Engineer, Hewlett Packard

Rocio Nava

Head of Biomedical Engineering, San Jorge Hospital

Shun-Ming Ting, M.B.E.

Research Associate, Baylor

Heather York Brisendine, B.S.

Engineering Consultant, Alliantgroup Houston

Tyler Young, B.S.

Medical Student, Baylor College of Medicine

Grace Ching, B.S.

Medical Student, Texas A&M

Norman Truong, PhD

Clinical Data Consultant, Ritual

Ashley Kelsey

NAVWAR Test Manager, United States Air Force

Joanna Nathan, B.S., M.B.E.

Venture Fellow, Mercury Fund

Founder, Enventure


Duncan Eddy, M.S.

Capella Space Corporation

Abir Khan, M.D.

Clinician, Baylor College of Medicine

Alex Arevalos, PhD

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Alleviant Medical