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    Spring 2021

    Computational courses will be offered in Spring 2021 (Fundamental Computational Bioengineering, BIOE4803 / Computational Bioengineering and Biomedicine, BME6313 | Instructor: Qutub) and Fall 2021 (Introduction to Python for Applications to the Biomedical Industries BME6093| Instructor: Qutub). Enrollment is limited to graduate & undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Texas (UTSA and UT-Health Sciences).

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    Spring '21

  • Workshops


    Learn methods to interpret high-dimensional data & images, or get hands-on experience working with emerging technologies to study tissue formation. Through the Quantu Project, we also offer workshops on cognitive health. Workshops  are open and free to the public. 


    Biomedical Data Workshop:

    Intro to Pattern Recognition

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  • Seminars


    Join us at seminars on our work, meetings & workshops. Click title for more information and registration. 

    Jan 12   SfN Global Connectome

    Jan 12   Brain Consortium Workshop

    Feb  4    RegenMed SA

    Feb  5    BME Seminar Series

    Mar 1    COBRA Conference

    Mar 31  San Antonio College

    Jun 4     Aging Brain Seminar

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