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Amina Ann Qutub

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(210) 458-7092


One UTSA Circle

San Antonio, TX


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Join a dynamic team of computational and experimental researchers leading the design of bio-inspired computational models and functional assays to study cell communication in health and disease. We are recruiting talented lab members across fields (e.g., computer science, neuroscience, math, bioengineering) and career stages.  Positions are open until filled. 


For each position of interest, please upload a (1) CV and (2) 1-page cover letter describing your interests and how your interests align with the lab's work online at the following link:

NOTE (2021): Please email to inquire about the availability and timing of open positions in light of the pandemic.

POSTDOC FELLOW, Computational

Project: Biomimetic artificial intelligence  

Qualifications: PhD in Computer Science, Applied Math, or related Computational field. Highly self-motivated problem-solver. Excellent communication skills.

Experience: 2-4 years experience in artificial intelligence, data science, bioinformatics or closely related field. Publication track record should demonstrate this experience. 

POSTDOC FELLOW, Developmental Biology / Neurobiology

Project: Emerging methods to study brain tissue regeneration 

Qualifications: PhD in Developmental Biology, or related field. Highly self-motivated problem-solver. Excellent communication skills.

Experience: 2-4 years experience in neurogenesis, neurovascular biology, and/or stem cell biology. Publication track record should demonstrate this experience


Qualifications: Highly skilled communicator able to translate complex science and engineering concepts to the broader public in an engaging manner that does not dilute the content of the material.  Interested in working in a fast-paced environment with a diverse team - all focused on making an impact on human health. Responsibilities include overseeing social media for the lab, and developing online and in-print materials for the public. 

Experience: 1-4 years experience working in science communication, journalism, and/or marketing with experience in interactive website design preferred.


Qualifications: Specific to study. Self-motivated students and scholars are encouraged to apply at all stages of their careers. For summer internships (June-Aug), apply by January. 


Qualifications: Specific to study. Prospective Masters or PhD students are encouraged to apply through the University of Texas application system. Application deadlines for the PhD program are Nov 1 (priority) / Feb 1 (final), and posted online for the Masters program.  

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